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Company Overview

Solenis is a leading specialty chemical supplier and water treatment company. Their residential and commercial pool and spa care portfolio includes a variety of water treatment solutions, bringing clean, healthy water to millions of households worldwide.


Prior to the COVID pandemic, the pool chemical category had been flat year over year. But in 2020, everything changed. As consumers began focusing more on their homes, shopping behavior shifted and Solenis began to see category growth. In order to increase sales and grow our share in the category, we needed to capture both new and current consumers and convert them to the HTH® Pool Care (HTH) brand. But brand awareness was low and the competition from a popular household name was fierce.


DIY consumers take pride in keeping their pool water clean, clear and safe. However, they want to do so quickly and easily, so they can focus on truly enjoying their pool. For that, they look to a true partner they can trust to give them the solutions they need. As water care experts since 1928, HTH is uniquely positioned to deliver on these consumer needs. Our mission was to connect consumers to HTH products at the right place and time, so they can tackle whatever life throws in their pool.


After conducting extensive consumer research, we modernized the HTH brand and developed an insight-driven, omnichannel campaign that educated and excited pool owners at every step along their journey as well as the entire pool season (May – September). A key component to our campaign was the creation of ownable photo assets, which allowed HTH to stand apart from the competition in both retail and digital executions.

“You’re all clear with HTH” became our uniting tagline, and we tailored our tactical messages to hit on key seasonal pool water problems and deliver relevant HTH solutions. From opening pools in May to battling algae in the middle of the summer, HTH became the trusted DIY partner, reaching consumers with right products at the right time.

Campaign Duration

2022 – Ongoing




Paid-media, Organic Social, Retail, eCommerce, Websites, Newsletters, App, Micro Influencers


Walmart, Costco, Miejer, Amazon, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Pool Dealers

Owned Media

Connected consumers to DIY pool care education and resources.


hth digital marketing collateral for hth newsletter eCommerce and website


Drove conversion with activations customized by retailer and consumer needs.


you're all clear with hth in-store display with hth products
hth in-store shelf signage featuring boy swimming under water and product features

Nearly 100 Creative Pieces Published

Paid Media

Targeted consumers during key points of influence and research.


you're all clear with hth youtube video screenshot with mobile hth social media feed


The HTH omnichannel campaign made a splash in the 2022 pool season. We successfully reintroduced the brand, built awareness and increased overall share. The “You’re all clear with HTH” campaign captured consumers and drove conversion.

With increased sales at our biggest retailer, increased awareness of the HTH brand, and a growing list of loyal consumers and newsletter subscribers, we not only helped HTH win in 2022, but set them up for sustained success in a post COVID world.


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