The Marketer’s New Year’s Resolutions

We’re declaring it. 2024 is the year your marketing strategy thrives.

Resolutions aren’t just for hitting the gym or taking up a new hobby. The new year can also present an opportunity to level up in all aspects, including your brand’s marketing efforts!

Setting expectations and achievable goals at the start of the year will help your brand and marketing team thrive in 2024.

What’s on the marketer’s resolutions shortlist?


It’s 2024. This means it’s been four years since COVID-19 first made an impact. If you’re still using pre-pandemic shopper insights, it’s time to realign.

Falling behind in shopper insights is common; it can be a timely and expensive process. However, obtaining shopper data and putting it to proper use is critical. It allows you to understand how shopper behavior is evolving, and the reality is, people shop drastically differently than they did four years ago.

There is no better time than now to start keeping pace with shopper insights.

It’s out with the old and in with the new, including your Product Detail Pages (PDP), more recently known as your digital shelf.

The online retail space is advancing. Key retailers are launching capabilities that give sellers more power in their e-commerce strategy. Make sure your product pages are fully optimized to unlock your brand’s full potential.

This means enhanced product hero images/renderings, capitalizing on new below the fold (BTF) and above the fold (ATF) capabilities, and using a test-and-learn approach.

Make PDP optimization a goal for this year and watch how your conversion rate can transform.

Let’s leave “make it pop” in 2023.

In the fast-paced marketing world, creative teams need clear, concise, and actionable feedback. This can be a difficult task for managers without a creative background. Even so, your creative team will thank you for providing specific, constructive direction.

Taking time to employ actionable feedback for creative will result in stronger supporting assets and enhanced team efficiency.


Is “test-and-learn” built into your 2024 budget? If not, you should consider carving out some space for this approach.

This data-driven strategy is key to deriving meaningful insights and establishing effective plans. Top companies like Amazon and Facebook use this approach to test a business effort, collect and learn from data, and optimize the effort accordingly.

Make confident marketing decisions this year by prioritizing test-and-learn.

With little time and a limited budget, it is easy for new programs to fall by the wayside.

This is the year to make new programs and executive support a priority, especially for those programs that drive conversion. Start the year with a list of goals and a plan to follow through.

Make enhanced marketing programs a reality for your brand this year.


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