Amazon’s Customer Engagement Tool May be a Game changer for eCommerce

The historically top-of-mind retailer recently launched a new tool that is a step towards power back to sellers. In time, ecommerce brands may finally have opportunities for increased customer engagement.

Amazon has undeniably revolutionized eCommerce, becoming a one-stop shop for all consumer goods categories. Streamlined fulfillment, economic pricing, comparison shopping, and a zealous customer review approach are just a few of the standards they’ve set for the industry. Consumers have reacted overwhelmingly positively to this eCommerce approach evidenced by Amazon’s 56.7% share of eCommerce sales.

However, Amazon has historically taken authority over customer data. Purchases are attributed to Amazon as a retailer rather than the merchant, limiting sellers’ ability to engage with customers and manage customer experience.

Amazon’s new Customer Engagement tool is a step towards giving power back to sellers. They will have more control over customer data and more opportunities to engage with customers. The tool allows brands to send email campaigns to existing customers regarding everything from product recommendations to product promotions.

Top Attributes of Amazon’s Customer Engagement Tool

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Follow button Icon

Follow Button: Consumers can follow brands via the Amazon platform for additional value and improved retail experience.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns: Shoppers who “follow” your brand on Amazon can receive promotional email campaigns.

Inspire Icon

Inspire: Inspire is Amazon’s short-form mobile video feature in the Amazon app. Shoppers can engage with specific influencers and brands, opening the line of communication between sellers and shoppers.

Affiliates and Video Reviews Icon

Affiliates & Video Reviews: This capability encourages customer content and engagement, creating opportunities for brand awareness and advocacy.

Additionally, the Customer Engagement tool mitigates increased customer sensitivity surrounding privacy. Consent is inherent as consumers have to opt-in by following the brand. Further, sellers only have access to aggregated data with all customer personal information hidden.

Amazon’s new engagement tool is essentially a mutually beneficial device for customers, sellers, and the retailer alike. Opportunities to personalize experience and create meaningful relationships results in increased value for the shopper and ultimately encourages higher conversion.

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