Get the Right Digital Strategy & Drive Conversion

Digital & Mobile


Now more than ever, shoppers want to connect digitally with brands. To successfully drive conversion, you need the right digital media strategy.

At MarketingLab we handle the entire digital planning process. Using our DSX warehouse, we recommend top-performing retailer media and vendors that align with your business objectives.

We’ll make specific recommendations for each retailer, ensuring our tactics align with their unique digital ecosystems and shopper touchpoints to drive conversion. At the end of the campaign, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis and recommendations for the future.

See the work

UV Vodka

With the help of DSX, we partnered with CHIVE TV and created a conversion strategy for UV Vodka. Our custom videos reached over 10,000,000 people between ages 21-35 in 5000 bars and restaurants.

UV Vodka

The animation in this UV Vodka takeover spanned across multiple ad spaces to target and connect with consumers and tell one cohesive story.

What would a retail digital strategy look like for your brand? We’d be happy to tell you more.