After a great 12 year run, Prairie Organic started running into barriers in a number of markets, especially the west coast. The California market had significant upside in sales volume, yet Prairie’s sales in CA were declining and the brand was at risk of becoming “de-listed” at a number of major retailers. The Sales Team needed something new to talk about to excite shoppers and ignite sales. The challenge, how does Prairie Vodka differentiate itself and spark new interest in a low-penetration market and highly saturated category?


We started by gathering brand, shopper and retailer insights, looking for a spark to ignite behavior change and sales. During our brand insight work, we discovered a gem – Prairie Vodka was in fact the #1 selling brand of Organic Vodka. Additional shopper and retailer insight work confirmed that 60% of shoppers would be interested in trying Prairie Vodka based entirely on this “#1 Selling Organic Vodka” claim. California retailers agreed: Turn on the “#1 Organic” message to maintain distribution.


MarketingLab quickly crafted an exciting new sales message for Prairie Organic promoting the “#1 Organic Vodka” position to aid sell-in at all levels. A social and digital media campaign was launched to effectively complete the messaging strategy and drive awareness and engagement. Later, this simple strategy that electrified California, was rolled out nationally.


Sales in the critical California market grew more than expected. Plus, sales increased nationally. Retailers who stock all three Prairie Spirits watched sales explode by triple digits. As further proof of an unmitigated success, Prairie Vodka was awarded “Hot Prospect” by Shanken’s Impact Database based on percentage change of 9-liter case depletions.

Prairie in store display case
Prairie Vodka bottle with neck tag
Prairie shelf talker

In Store

Drove trial by telling shoppers to “See Why It’s #1.” The #1 Organic Vodka claim took over the neck, shelf and case displays for Prairie Organic Vodka.

Phone with Instagram post Phone with Instagram post Phone with Instagram post

Social Media Campaign

Recipe videos, photos and more all to drive trial and support the #1 Organic message.


“Their Shopper Marketing expertise has been invaluable to building our programs to another level while maintaining a balance between sales and marketing and focusing on key insights to drive success. They are extremely focused to drive effective campaigns and results all while maintaining an extremely collaborative and team attitude.”

Marketing Director, Phillips Distilling Company

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