How can we help shoppers suffering “in the moment” get all the information they need at their preferred retailer while positioning Monistat as their best option to treat and cure their yeast infection?


The Fem-care aisle gets compared to other “private” locations like bank ATM’s – “If someone is standing there, you simply keep a discreet distance and wait for her to be done before stepping up for your turn.” Insights around shopper behavior illustrate a desire for both speed and privacy when shopping for feminine care products. Understanding the differences between various Monistat products can prove challenging. Shoppers want to “get in, get something, and get out.” Based on retailer-specific insights, Monistat would rely on specific retailer tactics that offered privacy while informing and reassuring shoppers.


No matter where you shop, Monistat has you covered.

Retailer Insights & Execution

Imagine you are a Walmart shopper suffering from a yeast infection.
Do you really want to fight for a parking spot, only to then wander around a huge store trying to find relief?

At Walmart, MarketingLab and Prestige Consumer Health Care worked with the category buyer to convince the Store Pickup team to add Monistat to their platform. We then executed a comprehensive program to inform shoppers via digital channels about the ease of ordering our products online to be picked-up at store locations.

Walmart Monistat program

How about CVS? You are in the store, need information – and don’t want to stay in “that feminine aisle.”

MarketingLab created a “text for info” program. Shoppers text “CURE” to a specific number and receive a link to a mobile Monistat Cure web site. On the site, they can view information about Monistat treatments. They can view the site in a different part of the store so they don’t have to linger in the aisle.

CVS Monistat program smart phone interactive Monistat mobile product guide

A Walgreens shopper? You like to go online and add offers to your Balance Rewards Cards, but also seek validation in-store.

Email features and on-site banner ads on delivered a load-to-card offer for Monistat products. Arming shoppers with timely communications/offers furthered our goal to drive shoppers to the feminine care aisle in-store. There, shoppers encountered a shelf blade that quickly educated them on the various Monistat product benefits to help them choose their best option and complete the sale.

Walgreens program


Tailoring programming and tactics across all retailers (based on insights specific to their shopper) allowed us to strengthen our leadership role in the Fem-Care category and has resulted in increased sales and a higher level of collaboration with each of our key customers.

14.8% sales lift
at CVS

Over 2,000 texts
in 4 weeks at CVS means 2,000 less walkaways

70% New Shoppers
to the category at Walmart

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