Without a doubt, Delta Faucet is a category leader in innovation. They needed excitement and sales for their new H2O Kinetic® Technology Showerheads to go from a trickle to a gusher. It was up to us to turn it on.


Boost incremental sales using Lowe’s Innovation End Cap program. Design a display that sparks interest in two new Delta Faucet technologies – H2O Kinetic® Technology and the In2ition® Showerhead.


Light it up. Use Lowe’s in-store real estate reserved for the newest and most exciting home improvement breakthroughs. Create a display featuring stunning banner signage, vivid product displays and visual demonstrations splashed with blasts of claims that make Delta showerheads better than any competitor. Have front of store merchandising wake shoppers with messages about what makes Delta showerheads better than any competitor. All this while following strict retailer guidelines.

Delta end cap - 2015 Design of the Times GOLD winner in the home/hardware category

“1 Great Shower” lit up the aisles in over 1,750 Lowe’s stores. Based on our previous “Best in Class” at Lowe’s innovation end cap design, this new shower end cap exceeded comp store sales for all featured products. Igniting a near triple digit increase!

Geo targeted display and mobile campaign

• Not only increased sales for featured showers but sparked a sales lift for all Delta products at Lowe’s

• Sparked awareness for Delta innovations at end cap destination

• Clicked to discover closest Lowe’s location

Delta In2ition Packaging - 2015 Design of the Times GOLD winner in the home/hardware category

Innovative package design turned Delta’s shower line on! Simple box graphics were kept clean and eye-catching. Just put two boxes together for a larger image to command attention from a distance.

“MarketingLab has taken a leadership role among our agency partners on key projects and helped drive more focus on the retail channel, among a group of agencies that historically has forgotten about our retail channel partners. I also appreciate how they continue to bring us new ideas and concepts that we can present to our retailers.”

Retail Channel Manager at Delta Faucet Company

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